History of Friends


The dream for an organization like Friends In Deed occurred in 1971 when Jackie Wight envisioned loaning durable medical equipment for short term needs to people, providing for their transportation needs when no other options were available, conducting blood pressure clinics and being a central source for information in the Green Valley area on health care, medical information, home health care and the like.  She gathered together 17 friends and Friends In Deed was born. 


 In 1971, the Lion's Club donated four pairs of crutches, a cane, two walkers and three wheelchairs to Friends in Deed which allowed the dream of loaning equipment to begin.  The need for more room was apparent so a villa was rented.  Friends in Deed began to outgrow the villa and, by 1982 had raised enough money to build onto the south end of the East Center.  That location was used until 1991.

By 1991, Friends in Deed had received enough donations to build a new facility which was located on Continental Road, just west of La Canada.  The building was perfect and met all of the needs except parking.  There was just never enough.  The building was sold and is now occupied by RAPID SOUND.  

In the late 1990's, Friends in Deed moved to our present location at 301 W. Camino Casa Verde.