Besides the invaluable support we get from our volunteers, Friends in Deed would not be able to continue our programs without donations from people like you.  There are many ways to give to Friends in Deed so please read below.  If you have any questions, please call 520-625-1150 and ask for the Operations Director of Friends in Deed.  

Friends in Deed is an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization.  All Arizona residents may participate and receive a tax credit on their Arizona State Tax filing.  A tax credit is a dollar for dollar reduction in the actual tax owed to the State of Arizona.  It reduces your tax liability by the amount you donate. This is up to $800 for a married couple and $400 for single or head of household.  This makes your donation a WIN WIN!

Monetary Gifts 

Cash donations can be dropped off at our offices during our normal business hours.  Donations by check can be dropped at our offices or can be mailed to our address above.  Online donations via credit card can be made by clicking the button below.   

Non-cash Gifts
Non-cash gifts of durable medical equipment -new and used- can be dropped off at our offices during normal business hours. If you are not sure what kind of equipment we accept, call us at 520-625-1150 and we will discuss how best to donate your items. 

Fry's Community Reward Program 

Friends in Deed participates in the Fry's Community Reward Program.  You can direct a donation to Friends in Deed simply by shopping with your Plus card.  For more information click here.

Legacy Gifts
Legacy gifts can include estate gifts made through a will or trust and  beneficiary designations of life insurance or retirement accounts.  You may want to talk to your attorney or financial planner about this type of donation.   Please contact Larry Engel of Friends in Deed to arrange for a Legacy gift.  What better way to protect the future of Friends in Deed than to provide a lasting legacy gift.