Transportation Programs

Friends In Deed offers a variety of transportation programs for our clients.  The majority of our volunteer drivers provide their own vehicle and will drive Green Valley residents to medical appointments.  They will also take Green Valley residents to Tucson for medical appointments. 

At present we provide transportation services to residents in select areas of Sahuarita.

Our wheelchair van is available to clients for doctor and dentist visits in Green Valley, Sahuarita and Tucson.  All Wheelchair bound clients and clients with certain medical appointments require a companion. 

Please call at least three business days in advance for Green Valley trips and at least  five business days in advance for Tucson trips to arrange for transportation.

In our eleven passenger van we take clients to Trader Joe's each week.  We also alternate trips to Park Place Mall and Tucson Mall.

We also provide transportation to Walmart/99 Cent Store, Safeway and the Food Bank in our mini van. 

Call 520-625-4424 Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM.  Certain restrictions apply.

See the full schedule of transportation on your right.

                             Wheelchair Van

                              Helping a Client
Call 625-4424 between 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM to make your reservation on any of the.  Certain restrictions apply.

Walmart/99 Cent Store
Shopping at Walmart is limited to one hour.  Shopping at the 99 Cent Store is limited to 1/2 hour.

June 18 - morning
June 20 - afternoon
June 25 - morning
June 27 - afternoon
July 2 - morning
July 9 - morning
July 11 - afternoon
July 13 - afternoon
July 16 - morning
July 18 - afternoon
July 23 - morning
July 25 - afternoon
July 27 - afternoon
July 30 - morning

Food Bank (Food Bank is only open in the mornings)
Shopping at the Food Bank is limited to 2 hours.

June 20 - morning
June 27 - morning
July 11 - morning
July 18 - morning
July 25 - morning

Shopping at Safeway is limited to 1 hour.

June 18 - afternoon
June 25 - afternoon
July 2 - afternoon
July 9 - afternoon
July 16 - afternoon
July 23 - afternoon
July 30 - afternoon

Trader Joe's - Tuesday
June 19 - includes Whole Foods
July 3 - includes Whole Foods
July 17 - includes Whole Foods
July 31 - includes Whole foods

Park Place Mall - Thursday

June 28
July 12
July 26

Tucson Mall - Thursday

June 21
July 5
July 19

Special Trips

June 15 - Amerind Museum

Special trips will resume in September